The Wedding Shoppe

The Wedding Shoppe Inc.

The Wedding Shoppe provides brides all over Minnesota with access to beautiful and affordable wedding dresses. I help them with several graphic design needs that include creating regular marketing materials, updating their websites on Wordpress, and creating lead magnets to draw customers in to the blog.

My Wedding Chat Blog

The first project I was asked to tackle when hired by The Wedding Shoppe was redesigning their blog on WordPress. We started by really trying to figure out the kind of customer that they were hoping to reach online and how they were trying to help them.

After deciding the mood for a lighter and airy blog with a timeless feel, I took to creating the logo and designing the page. I used a gemini theme and stuck to a simple and light color palette - almost all grey or neutral tones.

We stuck to these tones to keep the page looking clean but also to direct attention to the photos on the page - which were links to each separate blog. The developer on the project and I also organized all of the blogs into categories to help users efficiently get to what they were looking for.

To make sure the page was maximizing efficiency for its users I regularly checked page speeds and made sure to optimize all images on the page.

Free Wedding Planning Checklist.jpg

Wedding Planning Checklist

One of the lead magnets I created was a wedding planning checklist that allowed brides to chronologically prepare for their big day. This was one of the biggest drivers of email subscriptions to the blog, because we offered it to users for free in exchange for their emails.

The checklist was over 100 pages long and completely interactive with Adobe, so users could fill it in right from their phone, iPad, or laptop.