Penny & Pine

Penny & Pine

After working for a few months with nation-wide bridal and bridesmaid companies, we began discussing how to push the company forward and grow their business. We found through research that many brides don’t have a skincare line they can turn to to prepare for their big day. That’s how Penny & Pine was born. A brand that had the same values as the women we were already helping: an animal cruelty free, paraben free brand - that lives only in recyclable bottles.


The process

I believed that an ampersand intertwined with vines, holding the two names of the brand together, was the perfect way to show what truly held the brand together - our values. The vines represent a clean and renewable brand that brides, their bridesmaids, or any women they loved could rely on. Products that were created from the cleanest materials, a brand that cares about the earth we live on and the living beings that live on it with us. I was responsible for the complete logo design and branding of the company, along with photographing all of the products for the online store and styled photos for marketing materials.

P&P Product shot.jpg