Kennedy Blue

Kennedy Blue

Over the past year I’ve helped one of Minnesota’s leading bridesmaid dress companies, Kennedy Blue, help push their company forward with everything from keeping their brand identity fresh to recoloring over 2,000 dress images for a dress launch.

2019 Dress Launch

In 2019 Kennedy Blue was set to launch 59 new dresses. They offer each of these dresses in 36 colors in order to give the customer the maximum amount of choices possible. In order to keep things cohesive and the website looking clean, we decided to recolor the dresses in Photoshop rather than photographing each dress in each color - which would have been both time consuming and incredibly expensive. This resulted in the recoloring of 2,000 dresses for the launch.


Swatches & At Home Try On

Another large project I worked on was the photographing and recoloring of swatches for the At Home Try On program. This program allows bridesmaids all over the country to order dresses to their house and try them on, rather than going to wedding stores and trying on dresses - which can be stressful and chaotic. But before bridesmaids order the dresses, they can order as many swatches as they like. This allows them to see the color and fabric of the dress so they know if they like it or not. This all saves the company a significant amount of money on shipping costs. Rather than shipping thousands of dresses all over the world, they can ship small swatches first.


Marketing Assets